Srey is a values-driven group of companies, which have come together to push the shift toward holistic value creation of corporations.

We leverage our core competence to identify and intensify value-driven change by building companies together with innovators and entrepreneurs who share our vision. Together, the businesses of Srey develop solutions for specific client and customer needs, and help their clients move beyond sustainability.

Srey is also a founding corporate partner of Inter Business Initiative – a nonprofit knowledge lab, developing theoretic framework for holistic value creation. We engage in this open-source creation of knowledge because the framework informs all of our business decisions – and because we believe that the exploration of holistic value creation is imperative for our time.

Together we can drive companies' transformation towards sustainable business models

Managing one’s business #withpondus is to operate with clarity, security, responsibility, stamina and customer insight. This is the goal of Pondus’ clients – and Pondus adds the power of communication to their journey.
We believe the future belongs to companies which act from purpose and create multidimensional values. And this is were purpose driven communication is an amazing tool.

Sarita Nath
CEO Pondus
+46 705 17 95 51

Lumen Behavior is a boutique consulting firm born out of the authentic desire amongst an increasing number of business leaders to shape a brighter future of human well-being. Through applied research, impact assessments, sustainability reporting and by supporting processes aimed at creating meaningful work they bring forward unique knowledge about people and their context so that executives can make the right decisions.

Evelina Fredriksson
CEO Lumen Behavior
+46 702 25 14 98


Johanna Hallin
+46 707 631 281
Skype: johannahallin
Instagram: johanna.hallin

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Rålamsvägen 17, Stockholm
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Srey is founded and lead by Johanna Hallin. 20 years of experience in business development, leadership, systems change and sustainability, applied in 70 countries across five continents, have lead up to this and now Srey embarks on a journey to change the way businesses are viewed, raise the bar for the level of value creation that we expect from businesses – and doing it by example, one solution at the time.